The Screening Process

Convenient Delivery and Location

The use of iPad tablets, purpose-built kiosks, or desktop applications, supported with the latest digital and wireless technology, means that pXs can deliver the health-screening tool to clients to suit their conditions.

Personalised Health Outcomes in 10 Minutes

The health screen involves two steps:

  1. A health professional records height, weight, blood pressure, and results from a prick test for diabetes,
  2. Participants input their lifestyle data into a questionnaire to screen for the following health issues: alcohol-related harm; breast cancer awareness prompt (women only); cardiovascular disease; chronic lung disease; diabetes type 2; overweight and obesity; prostate cancer risk and awareness (men only); psychological distress and depression; sleep disorders and fatigue; and tobacco-related harm.

At the conclusion of the screen, participants receive a copy of their results, detailing their personalised health outcomes. Information on each respondent’s health feedback report is presented in a traffic light colour format.

All results are presented alongside state and federal service provider contact details such as phone (1-800 number) and website details to facilitate help-seeking behaviour by the respondents.

pXs Health Screening Process

pXs also provides clients with a detailed report analysing the de-identified data from the health screens, and compares the workforce or community to the national data. This allows organisations to adopt an evidence-based approach to improving health outcomes through the implementation of preventative health programs and policies within the workplace and community. These results also provide a benchmark to measure progress on an annual basis, allowing clients to assess the effectiveness of their preventative health strategies.